Thursday, October 1, 2009


Hey all! I'm heading out to make some $$ this morning. I will be cleaning my neighbors house once per week until I find a job. If you know of anyone else looking for help around the house or yard, feel free to give them my name.

My granny gave me this yesterday and I loved it and had to share:

By Corrie Bramsen
I sang the hymns on Sundays, and I knew all the lines, to, "All to Jesus I Surrender" and, "His Hand in Mine." But then the day arrived when God put it to the test; He said, "I want to use your life to show My way is best. "I don't want folks to only Hear words of trust and praise; it's not enough to quote the lines on which you have been raised. "I want your life to prove it; I want the world to see what I can do within a heart that's truly giv'n to Me. "For I will show the great things that I, the Lord, can do; I will display My glory... and I'm asking to use you. "But I don't need your efforts, your energy or strength; I'm not looking for a hero, or some super-human saint. "I want to have your weakness, I want to take your pain -- and use your inabilities to glorify My name. "And I want you to trust Me, to daily seek my face; I have not promised answers, I have only promised grace. "For the underlying issue is really not about all the great things I'll do through you, or the way you'll help Me out. "But it's what I'm doing in you that I want the world to see; the way a life of nothingness is beautiful in Me. "So trust Me, precious child, and someday you'll understand, that what seemed to you so senseless, was exactly what I planned!"
Makes me cry every time - Thank you Jesus!
Living fearlessly in Christ

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