Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I read the note posted by me so long ago "God's goal for me is not comfort but character development." Obviously, what I want and what He wants is two different things because I would much rather have the comfort! In the past, there have been times in my life when I have felt like God was stripping me down to nothing but it was only to build me back up with so much more of Him. I think I'm going through another similar time. My own selfishness and pride has continued to build and through the process of thinking I would have no problems getting a new job and 9 weeks later, still not having a job, has knocked me down a few notches. Thinking that I could easily find a job with a large wage but only finding those that pay minimum wage, has also altered my thinking.

Who am I to think that I could be better than someone else searching for a job? Who am I to think I deserve something more than anyone else?

Who am I?

I am nothing and no one without Christ, just a lost sinner, but with Christ I am a daughter of the King. I am joint heirs with Christ Jesus. I have the hope of spending eternity in heaven.

No job or paycheck can ever compare with my relationship with Christ and the things of eternity.

Desperately needing a job to help support our family, I walked into McDonald's yesterday and asked a register girl that looked about 12, to speak to a manager. She answered that she was the manager and was happy to set up an interview with her tomorrow.

I am humbled to say the least but I know that each experience that comes my way can be used by God to make me into the woman He wants me to be.

What are you facing right now that you can choose to be thankful for?

Living fearlessly in Christ

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Shelly J. said...

I have been there. When I got a job at the front desk of our local hotel for min wage, it was really humbling. The job was an eye opener to what life is like for coworkers who live in poverty-this was no second income for them. But there were those that brought in their leftovers to share with the others and a manager that bought extra breakfast sandwiches just to find someone who hadn't eaten. It taught me to be more compassionate.