Thursday, May 21, 2009

I love the faithfulness of our God! I told you yesterday about how God keeps putting things in front of me to remind me of His goodness in every situation. Last night, in our Bible study group, my friend read a chapter from Joyce Meyer's new book "Finding True Happiness". It was explaining the grieving process through a loss and concluded that no matter what type of loss you are experiencing, God is good, just and in control.

God is preparing my heart for something - I don't know what, but from past experiences I know that when the same message comes over and over He is trying to teach my heart.

My circumstances do not change who God is. When I hurt, God is still The Comforter. When I fail, Jesus is still my Savior. When I experience loss, God is still The Giver. When I am confused, God is still All Knowing.

These are the reasons that we can stand and lift our hands in praise when everything around us is falling apart.

God is good

Living fearlessly in Christ

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