Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good morning my sweet bloggy friends! Do you believe that God is good all the time? It seems like God has continuously been putting people in front of me to remind me of this lately.

I heard an interview with Steven Curtis Chapman about the death of his 5 year old daughter. Although he and his wife administered CPR to her lifeless body, they prayed all the way to the hospital that God would breathe life back into her. When they arrived at the hospital, he was sure that God was going to perform this miracle and resurrect his daughter but it was then that his daughter was pronounced dead. His son reminded him that God had answered his prayer - Maria was resurrected, just not on this earth. God is good.

In my speech class I listened to a woman talk about the death/funeral of her mother just 2 weeks earlier. Her pastor reminded them at the funeral that Jesus doesn't do funerals. He is in the business of resurrection. Her mother was more than alive, she was in the midst of Jesus in heaven for eternity. God is good.

I listened to a message by Janet Parshall about the story of Hannah from the Bible. Hannah wanted a baby so desperately as her husband's 2nd wife had many children and made fun of Hannah for years. She went to the temple and poured out her desire to the Lord and not only asked for a child, but also vowed to give her child back to the Lord if He granted her request. In time, He did grant her a child and after weaning him she returned to the temple and gave her son back to God in obedience. God is good.

These are just 3 of the ways God has shown His goodness to me lately. It has been going on for a couple weeks now. He continues to remind me that my circumstances don't change His goodness. Not understanding doesn't change His goodness. He knows what is best for me and you. He knows the future and we do not. He holds this world in the palm of His hand. He is all powerful, all faithful, all worthy, all true, all mighty God.

Praise God for His goodness never changes.

Have a great day

Living fearlessly in Christ

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