Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I have a little venting to do this morning. Last night was "one of those nights". Right after my last daycare child left yesterday, I was looking through my son's bookbag to find that he had been supposed to be reading 70 minutes per week since school began and he hadn't read at all. I was discussing this with him while I started supper. Our daughter was short and grumpy since she had been up since 4:30am for basketball try-outs. While supper was cooking, I sat down to look over what we were studying in our small group and the phone rang. It was my husband calling to tell me that he'd be home late. My blood pressure was boiling at this point. I noticed that I didn't see the dogs out the kitchen window, so I went outside to find them. As I walked around the house, calling their names, in my flip-flops, I stepped in something very squishy that my wonderful puppies left behind. I shouldn't even say, I stepped in it, it was more like, I shuffled into it, as my toes were covered in it!!!!! YUCK!!!!

I came back into the house to get cleaned up and then, wanting to calm down, I kicked my daughter out of the living room, and sat down to relax for a moment and cool my nerves. Within moments, my son and daughter come in explaining to me that they had been discussing how grumpy I was and they really didn't like the way I was acting. My response was "who do you think makes me that way?" My daughter replies "You really shouldn't allow other people to affect your positive attitude." AAARRRGGGHHHH! I hate it when my words of advice come back to haunt me!

O.K. - all that said and done, today is a new day, I'm ready to be back in my positive attitude. Hopefully today, I will end with a little more patience and alot more happiness.

So, now back to our study of Acts. Yesterday, Paul was sent to Felix the Governer to be tried again. In chapter 24, after 5 days of waiting, the high priest came with some others and made their case against Paul. Then Paul had his turn to speak. After hearing both sides, Felix states that he will make a decision after Lysias, the tribune comes and then put Paul back in prison to wait.

After a few more days, Felix and his wife ask for Paul to be brought to them and heard him speak about Jesus. He continued to sent for him and met with him often and conversed with him.

2 years later, Paul was still in prison, when Felix was succeeded by Porcius Festus, there he remained.

Learning that Felix wanted to meet with him and hear about Jesus, I wonder if Paul ever got excited that Felix may let him go because of their relationship. I wonder if he would be hopeful and excited only to be disappointed as he continued to sit in prison for the last 2 years. Irregardless of what his feelings may have been, he didn't stop talking to Felix about Jesus. He didn't allow his emotions to overcome his actions. Once again, he was faithful.

Emotions are just feelings, they are not supposed to rule our lives. Unlike my decision, last night, to allow my emotions to rule over me, it is possible to overcome you feelings and do what is right. God teaches us about and desires us to have self-control. How far are you allowing your emotions to go? How much of your life are they running?

Seek God's will over your own and your emotions can be tamed.

Living fearlessly

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