Thursday, September 4, 2008

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There is not a whole lot happening in Acts Chapter 25. Festus hears both sides of Paul's case but doesn't want to make a decision, so Paul requests an appeal before Ceasar. Festus shares the case with Agrippa, the king, and he decides that he would like to hear the case.

Festus tells Agrippa in vs. 25, that he has found nothing that Paul has done to deserve death. In vs. 9, he says this is all because he wants to do the Jews a favor.

This irritates me. Festus, as the governer, should be making decisions by what he knows to be true, not by wanting to please others.

Then it hit me - how many times do I make decisions based on what others might think.

How many times have I told God no, so that I don't rock the boat or hurt someone's feelings?

How many times do I base my decisions on the lies of satan instead of God's truths?

More than I want to admit.

Irritating or not, I guess I'm more like Festus than I thought.

Before making any decision today, ask God to show you His truth and His will for the situation. Allow Him to invade your heart and your mind so that your life will bring glory to Him

Have a great day

Living fearlessly

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