Friday, October 5, 2007

Today I'm going to Detroit to spend the weekend with my sister to look for her wedding dress. It's a very exciting time in her life. I told her she could just wear mine, but for some reason she didn't think she wanted to. Ha Ha! (I guess a 13 year old dress must be out of style!) She has been with her sweetheart since Jr High, so it's about time! She is the last of my brothers and sisters to get married which makes this time even more special. I guess because she is the baby of the family, I really feel like I want to help mentor her in every way. Marriage is such a huge thing because it is a permanent thing. I think too many people enter into marriage thinking that if things don't work out, they'll just divorce. It is a unity created by God to be until death. I will share with her what God has taught me over the last 16 years of being with Mike, but I know she'll have to learn most of it on her own. What God has joined together, let no man separate.

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