Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I received an email that I had sent, back from a friend this week. She explained to me that she didn't think that a few of the words I used were honoring to God. Words have got me in trouble my whole life! My mouth seems to usually run before my brain. When I was in school, my teachers would tell my parents that I talked too much. When I was older and was a beautician, conversation was great thing - but when I began working in a business office, I would often be too loud and chatty. I love to share what's happening in my life with everyone. As I have began a new study in God's Word, He is teaching me that it is not good to share everything. We are to focus on what is good and honorable to God, my words do not always abide. Gossipping, sharing "too much info", and speaking before I think, are not honoring to God. I have alot to learn about controlling my mouth, but God is faithful and will help me if I am willing.

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