Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I was so excited to tell you about a revelation God gave me yesterday and then when I attempted to get online, my internet was down. Bummer. But I'm back and am ready to share. I was on my morning walk yesterday and I noticed a man in his yard with two small dogs. When the dogs spotted me, they immediately began barking and running toward me. Their owner called their names and they instantly stopped, turned around, and returned to his side. I realized that this is exactly how I should be with God. No matter where my tunnel vision is leading me, I should always have my ears open to my Master's voice. When I hear Him telling me that whatever it is that I want or am doing is not what He wants, I should immediately stop and ask Him what He does want. I have failed at this so many times in the past - sometimes, I get so involved in serving God the way I think I should, I don't listen to what it is that He really wants.

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