Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello my bloggy friends! I'm home from the Hearts at Home conference and my spirits are high! My spirit feels rejuvinated but I think my body could use some sleep. Me and nine other women stayed the weekend in Bloomington and had way too much fun and way too little sleep!

If I told you about all the wonderful things that happened since I left the house Friday morning, I'd be writing for a long time and you would be reading for a long time!

Here's a few highlights:

As I drove to Bloomington on Friday morning, thoughts were running through my mind. As a volunteer, I was assisting a worshop speaker. I worried about not connecting with her or embarrassing myself when I introduced her and every other what-if that ran through my mind. I had also been praying for a connection with God over the weekend. As I drove, I looked up to the sky and noticed how a cloud above me was in the shape of an angel with its wings outstretched over both the north and south bound lanes of the interstate. It reminded me of God's continuous presence in my life. As the miles passed, it seemed as though I was being embraced by the outstreched wings of the angel. An amazing peace comforted me and I realized that even when I may not "feel" Him, God is always in and with me.

I attended a class titled "5 Secrets your husband wished you knew" by Mark Savage. A large portion of the message was on respecting your husband. One thing that stuck out to me and gave me new perspective was: at the end of Ephesians 5, wives are told to respect their husbands. If God commands me to respect my husband, than in order to be obedient to God then I must respect my husband. That means that he does not need to earn this respect, I just need to respect. WOW - now that's alot to chew on!

I could go on and on with the ways that God touch me and changed me over the weekend. What a blessing Hearts at Home is and I will continue to promote it and encourage women to attend.

Have an amazing day!


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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great conference!

Pastor Brian