Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good morning my bloggy friends! As I read the first chapter of Matthew this morning, I was reminded of how God has a purpose and a plan for everything and everyone. It begins with the genealogy of Jesus. I have to admit that I have often skipped over all the names of who fathered who but as I read all the names, I realized how important each person was.

I know many people who call their pregnancies "accidents" but truly, in God's eyes, their are no accidents. God has a plan and a purpose for each of us, whether our parents had planned for us or not.

It gives me comfort knowing that God wants me - even if no one else does. God knows how to stretch and pull me so that I can be who He wants me to be. His love and faithfulness gives me the strength to do what He asks me to do.

Do you know what God's purpose is for you? What are your spiritual gifts? What can you make the choice to say yes to? (even if its scary!)

Hope you can spend some time chewing on these thoughts, today.

Living fearlessly in Christ

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