Monday, December 21, 2009

My weekend was full of partying! Liz's birthday is on Christmas Eve so we normally have her party a week beforehand as to keep it separated from Christmas. Here she is with her favorite gift of the party - HUGE Blueberry muffins!! She loves muffins and her aunt Peg picked a perfect gift! :)

Our love of food comes honestly and when you get the whole fam together, you can find them in the kitchen :)

On Sunday, we had our YAC Christmas party. While we waited for lunch to cook, we had a story time with the kiddos and talked about what Christmas is truly about. After I read the first book, I picked up another but before I began to read, Kaylee asked if she could read the story to the children. I was ecstatic at her enthusiasm and handed the book over. She read the story "How God Made Christmas". My eyes filled with tears as I watched her read a beautiful truth to her peers. Her excitement and willingness really made my day. What a wonderful example she set for all of us that day.

Hope you have a wonderful day and a blessed Christmas!
Living fearlessly in Christ

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