Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello and happy Friday my bloggy friends! I have to admit that as I write today, I am in pain! Lots of physical pain! I got this great idea that since I packed on a few pounds over the winter that I could join my local Curves and get this old body back into shape. I never do things half way, so I worked out this week with fervor and passion, not thinking about how long it had been since my body had experienced exercise. I am now hobbling around like an old lady and wishing I hadn't been quite so passionate!

This week, I heard someone say "don't judge lest ye be judged," quoting from Matthew 7:1 and I began thinking about how our defenses go up when someone may get just a little to close to our favorite sin. When I think of "judging" someone, I think of the times when I really don't know the whole situation but choose to make a judgement on a person's actions or motives, anyway. It's a way that we make ourselves feel better by putting someone else down.

As Christians, we are to love each other, lift each other up, and help our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ when they have fallen. I believe it is my responsibility to lovingly keep those Christians accountable, that I have a relationship with. I am not responsible to point out the mistakes of those who are not Christians because I have to show them the love of Jesus before they will be able to see their sin. Relationship is the key to keeping others accountable. No relationship will bring out all the defenses in the other person. Now, I'm not saying that this always makes the other person happy and could not hurt the relationship but to follow the example of Christ, we are not to judge but we are to help keep others accountable for their actions and also be open and willing to be kept accountable, ourselves.

Hope I stepped on some toes today! :) (If I have to hurt, you have to hurt!)

Living fearlessly in Christ

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